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Here at EXIT, we train and orient all our agents in the basics of real estate and we have found the very best trainers in the industry who works exclusively with EXIT Realty to fit the needs of any agent on any level. Every great professional in any industry trains before winning. Here at EXIT 1st Class Realty, we provide all agents with Free Weekly Training Sessions on topics from sales techniques to social media. Plus, when an agent joins EXIT 1st Class Realty we put them through a two day training session with our in house trainer to get them comfortable with all things EXIT. 


We show our agents how to brand with themselves and then how to market that brand so they can get more leads. We teach you how to bundle the power and recognition of the EXIT name with your own unique selling proposition and present them in the most compelling way to your prospects and clients. Let’s face it. When someone chooses an agent to help them buy or sell a house, it’s usually because of whom the agent is and therefore helping the agent brands with themselves is key to increasing business. At EXIT, we believe our agents are our asset. If we can help them brand properly, they will do better. When an EXIT agent does better, we all do better. 


Technology changed our industry. We are not afraid of this. In fact, we embrace it. Used properly, technology should complement our business. We spend days searching out the latest technology in real estate today and then teach our agents how to use the technology to help their business. We understand that technology is only beneficial if you’re trained on how to use it effectively and then you apply it to increase your business. We offer paperless file solutions, text capture for listings, on-demand training and so much more. In addition our support team is only a phone call, click or email away.   


We’ve created a culture in our company that is a culture of support and mentorship. This culture is much more like a family. There is an old African saying that says, “If you want to go quick, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” This atmosphere of sharing is at the heart of the EXIT Realty. This builds offices that are supportive and encouraging and fun to work in. Whether it is sharing best practices at weekly sales meetings, allowing newer agents to join in on listing appointments, or working together on a Habitat for Humanity build or other volunteer project, EXIT offices help agents to not only grow their business, but to also achieve personal goals. What we have here at EXIT Realty is a network of togetherness. We are connected to each other not just in our local offices but as a large family that spans across North America. 


What are the chances of you having $1 Million in your bank account doing what you're presently doing? All over the U.S. and Canada, real estate professionals have discovered a third income stream in addition to taking listings and making sales, called "sponsoring", that fills the gaps between closings and gives them a financial future that has never existed in real estate before.

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